Blissful afternoon sewing…

Taking advantage of a well earned day off, I have spent a blissful afternoon with Esmeralda.

She has been so forgiving of my stopping and starting, huffing and puffing.

Finally after a few false starts..let me present.. vintage skirts for my grand daughters…

 I have followed  the you tube video with just a few alterations e.g seams were made using a mock French seam.

The material used was Cath Kidston Rosali from the IKEA Wednesbury store.

Crochet heritage

Last week I was given a treasure chest. A glorious collection of my late Auntie’s crochet bits and bobs. This collection had very special meaning, as my Auntie and my grandmother taught me to knit and crochet when I was a little girl.

 Since then, I have been in crochet heaven, sorting and sifting through my treasure.

I discovered yarn,  vintage patterns and hooks….the greatest find was some of my Auntie’s unfinished work. So I set to work sewing in ends and finishing (as best as I could as I am not skilled at such beautiful intricute crochet).

In honour  of my Auntie Pamela Noreen Loveridge I would like to share some of her work…


Spring has sprung

It’s the last day of my Easter Holiday, a time for reflection, meeting friends, last minute shopping and tidying, ready to embrace work again. The garden is bursting into life and my spring blanket is taking shape. I have used Stylecraft Special Dk wool and I  hope you enjoy the colours. 



Spring is on it’s way….

I have recently finished two Spring projects just in time for my garden to bloom. I adore this time of year, the colours available in yarn and emerging in the garden fill me with gratitude. When the world around me is busy, busy, busy, Colour helps me to stay in the moment. X


I am so over joyed that my great grandmother’s 1917 Singer sewing machine is back in working order thanks to my youngest son Tom. Thank you Tom. Last night armed with my Cath Kidston Sewing Book, I started work on my first project a pillow case for my grand daughter’s room. It did not turn out as planned but I am pleased with my first attempt. I am really interested in combining sewing with crochet so watch this space for future projects.








At last the colour has come back into my life..

Hip, hip hooray at last the colour has come back into my life. I have spent the last six weeks under the weather with various ailments. But today, the colour has returned..yeah!
I am currently working on a cushion cover for my lounge. The colours I think you will agree are so cheerful and are certainly filling me with joy and gratitude.





Perfect Pinkiness

At last, I have finished my granddaughter’s blanket for her new big girl’s bed. I am very proud! The granny squares have been joined together using the ‘join as you go’ method. There are lots of great You Tube clips that illustrate this method. I love the different shades of pink that all compliment each other. I am now feeling inspired…pass my hook quick!