Catching up with my mood blanket

I confess it has been a while since I worked on my mood blanket. Thankfully I have been jotting down in my journal a colour for each day, so my blanket remains a true record of my mood. I just love  the randomness of the colours. I must have a very colourful mood tee hee.
Although the weather has been miserable the garden has not suffered and I am thrilled to show up my lavender wellies.
Hope you all enjoy this week’s recipe, roasted red pepper and goat’s cheese tart from Vegetarian Living magazine June 2014










4 thoughts on “Catching up with my mood blanket

  1. Your mood blanket is looking great, I was worried you hadn’t posted your progress for a while. I’m glad to see it’s looking suitably colourful.
    Love the wellies, a lovely idea. And the tart looks very scrummy.

    • Thanks Kathy, sorry the world conspired against us at Hay yesterday.Hope you managed some yawn indulgence.I managed my first Tunisian crochet dishcloth!! Ha ha not sure what the festival goers thought of it.xx

  2. Never mind. Look forward to catching up tomorrow. Oh well done, bring that with you tomorrow won’t you. If you can’t crochet in public at Hay where can you?!

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