It’s been a while…

I’ve not checked in for a while as I have been unwell recently. Hoping that each day I will improve with the help of my beloved crochet.
To update you, I am still working on my Sky jumper. It seems to be taking a long time and I am finding it hard to stay motivated…I will keep going!!!!




I have also started a new project courtesy of the wonderful Le monde de Sucrette. It is the 2014 mood blanket.
Here’s my first week of 2014, sadly it is full of greens, greys, blue and red to illustrate the poor start to my year health wise. But hey I am hoping to be producing bright pinks, yellows and purples in the very near future!





2 thoughts on “It’s been a while…

  1. Sorry you haven’t been well. Hope you are feeling loads better now.
    Loving the jumper, it looks so neat, look forward to seeing it on you.
    What a lovely idea is the mood blanket. I’m looking forward to seeing it in your usual bright lovely colours. I do like those colours too they just aren’t the ones I usually associate with you.

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